Review hosting Namecheap: High speed, many promotions for July 2017

Namecheap still have the big discount hosting promotions, but the provider is famous domain so many friends wondering whether to apply for hosting here.

Today, I would like to share your quick review of about the quality of Namecheap hosting so that you have more decision base.

Advantages of Namecheap hosting

1. Registration is easy, the hosting account is active and informs you immediately

2. Fast access speed from Asia, server located in US datacenter

3. Always have live chat (when you need to also see Live chat online)

4. Configure the packages quite high, all Unlimited bandwidth

5. When you register hosting you will be some tools free on hosting offline

6. Very good promotion when buying new hosting


1. Your website has a large traffic, (if the site should not use low packets) will be affected by Max Entry Processes error Error 508. I use Hawkhost host also the same amount of access but not Entry Processes.


I see Namecheap hosting is pretty good and one of the providers you should use (besides the top 5 hosting providers). With the current price is quite high, you should register to use when the price of the big promotion, currently there are 50% discount (until 28/2) for you to use offline.

Review hosting Namecheap, Find more information on Namecheap hosting on the blog. Visit Namecheap here.

You are using hosting Namecheap help you leave comments below for more reference. Hope the articles in the rating section hosting will help you when deciding to buy hosting. The next article will be the Hawk Host rating.

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