Do you need Unlimited hosting for WordPress? for July 2017

Unlimited hosts are always a very attractive advertising language for those who are new to using the host in particular or those looking for hosts for general use. But in reality, there is no limit, and if they do not limit it, they will limit it.



But do you know that, even if there is unlimited or not, that is not important, the important is that you will not be able to use all that they say is not limited to that. In this article, I will analyze whether you need to search for an unlimited host.

Why avoid the words “unlimited”?

Not all but the vast majority nowadays there are many new host providers open to the word “Unlimited Space, Unlimited Banwidth, Unlimited Domain” to promote their services to attract customers. To be honest, in addition to the really good hosts, there are many other vendors using this slogan to promote poor quality services.

So if you are busy absorbed in the search for an unlimited host, it may be easier to trap these PR campaigns, you can be trapped from the first step if Google search typing. Search for relevant queries.

But not all host providers are not bad at all, there are many really good hosts that are still unlimited (figuratively) but that needs your verification through the reviews available on the net to be sure. That you should use or not.


Do you really need unlimited hosting?

The first thing you should think, what do you do if your host has 100GB of storage? 100GB for a USB or hard drive is nothing big but if it is a host then I think it is enough for you.

If you think you will upload music, videos up here and 100GB is definitely not enough then please review the Term of Services (TOS) of the host provider, especially the international host. Because most of them will not allow you to upload music, video or digital products for fear of storing pirated data.

What about uploading photos? If you upload your own wallpaper or your own picture with a large size, I think up your own host is never an optimal choice, because the host you have fast loading with Flickr or Photobucket, where you only need one. The premium is cheap upload and save photos comfortably, the other people comment, vote, ….

And if you upload a normal photo attached to the article, I think you will have to upload a long time to overcome the number of 1GB. For example, my blog, I up the image directly to host and almost every article has at least 3 photos. From the 3 photos, it will automatically multiply into 9 sheets to make thumbnails.

The total number of images on my server is over 13,000 but only approximately 650MB, but you have uploaded many and comfortable like me right? And you can also turn off self-portrait mode when uploading.


By this post, I just want to inform everyone is a popular WordPress site, it will not use too much resources on the host so finding an unlimited host is really unnecessary.

If you are confused between an unlimited hosting and a limited hosting but you get a good review then you think you should consider how much bandwidth each month your website requires. We need to avoid the use of hosts that are not limited but of poor quality or easy to create problems undesirable


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