Vultr doubles the RAM, New Package 512MB RAM for only $ 2.5 for July 2017

Responding to Linode’s challenge two weeks ago, Vultr launched a pay strike no one expected.


As expected, Linode doubling the RAM, launching a $ 5 special plan will create a wave that will change the whole array of cloud servers. But I do not think Vultr responded so quickly.

Today, Vultr officially launched the Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) service with a series of unexpected changes.

More RAM and SSD Storage

Most plans will be mirrored in RAM and will add extra storage at the same price. With this change, Vultr has become one of the cheapest cloud server providers in the world.

New customers can receive incentives by deploying new servers. Old customers just go to Settings, select Change Plan to upgrade the old server to a larger plan, completely FREE!

Add Sandbox Plan for just $ 2.50


Vultr launched the Sandbox Plan for just $ 2.50 a month, with 512MB of RAM and 20GB of SSD disk storage, still KVM virtualisation as the other packages. This is the cheapest, most attractive price I have ever known.

With this configuration, you can experience the cloud server service at Vultr before using officially with higher plans.

512MB of RAM is enough for small and medium websites, and HocVPS Script is fast to install. Those who are using Shared Hosting want to upgrade to VPS using this package is reasonable. When deploy, choose location Japan or Singapore for the fastest speed in Vietnam.

Bandwidth up to 10,000Mbps In / Out

The VC2 platform allows you to use up to 10Gigabit on both public and private networks, 10x more than before. This makes moving, synchronizing and backing up server data faster than ever.

In addition, there are some changes you already know such as Vultr Firewall Service, ISO Library or upload your ISO file, Free Snapshots, 15 locations.

So, as now, the price list and the features that Vultr Coupon codes have surpassed Linode, the most attractive. What are you waiting for?

Try not to experience the cloud server here. Currently, Vultr is offering up to $ 103 for new accounts.

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