Guide to Buying VPS On Digital Ocean at Cheap Price for July 2017

In today’s article I will guide you to create yourself a cheap VPS on the website Digital Ocean. Prior to registration you should be prepared for yourself one of the following forms of international payment: Visa Credit / debit, Master Credit / debit or Paypal.


At the same time you need an email account to be able to register account on Digital Ocean (best you should choose gmail).

When it comes to website hosting providers, we have a wide range of options, from VPSs to self-managed Linux web servers, to managed hosting servers. ) Is optimized. is a relatively cheap, easy-to-configure server company (for small and medium sites) and has many features.

How DigitalOcean works

The core part of DigitalOcean is VPS or virtual server. VPS is a hardware-sharing server of a physical server, of a size and price (eg 500 MB RAM, 1 CPU costs $5 /month), can be created, saved and removed on demand.

In addition to size, you can also choose which regions to create (eg New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco .. or Singapore!) As well as the installation of basic Linux operating systems (eg Ubuntu , FreeBSD, CentOS …).



  • Capture server image with Snapshot feature
  • Install WordPress fast
  • Good Price and value
  • API is appropriate
  • Select the server initialization area
  • Good support system with detailed blog page

Get $ 10 now when you sign up for the new DigitalOcean VPS

If you use your own link to create your account, you will receive $ 10, the equivalent of 2 months of using the lowest package of DigitalOcean (server 512MB / 1CPU), this package can accept the query of the goods.

Thousands of users every day. What are you waiting for without registering an account and using DigitalOcean for your website?


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