How to choose a good host for WordPress for July 2017

Basically, WordPress can run on PHP and MySQL hosting (preferably PHP and MySQL 5 or above), but most of these basic requirements are not sufficient when there are many people.


Using the hosting also supports these two but it is very difficult to use WordPress, which is a common error is some important plugin not installed, uploading errors and some very uncomfortable error for the customers.

That is a reason for you should consider carefully choosing hosting, especially for long-term development projects. If you have no experience in choosing the hosting, do not worry too much, I will help you understand what should to choose the hosting which is good for your WordPress websites in this article.

Experience choosing hosting for WordPress

Should choose hosting using PHP Handler is SuPHP, FastCGI

The concept of PHP Handler you should understand simply is something to determine the process of compiling the PHP code in WordPress to the server to retrieve data to the terminal end, ie the user.

Each PHP Handler always has different properties and weaknesses, so it is wise to choose the right PHP Handler. To use WordPress best then you should choose the hosting using Handler PHP is SuPHP or FastCGI, because:

  • When you install the plugin through wp-admin, you do not need to re-enter your FTP login credentials.
  • The plugin will be automatically installed the necessary steps such as CHMOD itself, manually edit the.
  • Htaccess file, create additional files. If you use a number of hosting Vietnam (PHP Handler is DSO) will find a nuisance when installing some important plugin is to manually CHMOD, edit the .htaccess file all over, but after repairing It is not certain that it is running because it is not self-configuring in the config files. Typically the WP Super Cache plugin.
  • Fewer CPU resources (if using FastCGI).
  • Better security because when a file is uploaded to the hosting, the file or folder will be CHMOD according to its right. When installing the plugin too. The CHMOD standard of these two PHP handlers is 644 for the folder and 755 for the file.


Supports ionCube Loader and Zend Optimizer

  • IonCube Loader is a module used to read and compile PHP files that have been encoded and encapsulated by ionCube Package Foundry.
  • Zend Optimizer is a PHP plugins for optimizing and compiling code that has been encrypted by Zend Guard.

Why do you need these two features to work? Because if you have determined that some premium plugins are used, most of them are encrypted with Zend and ionCube to protect against unauthorized null or stolen code. Not only are the paid plugins available but sometimes some free plugins also need you to have these two modules installed to work. CommentLuv is a good example.

Also easy to understand, if hosting you do not support ionCube Loader and Zend Optimizer can not use the plugin is.

Disk space and bandwidth should be “comfortable”

You do not necessarily have to use hosting that supports bandwidth and unlimited storage, but it is best to use hosting packages that are 5GB or larger, The bandwidth is also 50GB or more. Why?

Our habit is often to upload images directly to the host when writing articles, this has the advantage of being fast, neat, free from the status of link dies (unless the blog it die always) and importantly increase The page load speed when an article contains images is not dependent on external connections.

But there is a nasty downside in WordPress that is it automatically generates some other image files on the same image but has different sizes, or if you use timthumb, oh its cache file. There are more folders than your uploads.

Hopefully with this article will help you have more experience choosing a good hosting to your WordPress Websites.

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