GreenGeeks Reviews for July 2017

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Overall review of Greengeeks

Speaking of Greengeeks, one must remember their dedication to the environment that other web hosting providers do not have. In addition, greengeeks are known for their dependable hosting services and services. Great customer support, greengeeks are known for their clean energy when their servers are backed by 300% wind power, meaning there are no carbon footprints for web sites hosted on greengeeks.
Of course, only clean energy can not help greengeeks stand firm, in addition to greengeeks green energy and other factors contribute to the brand is highly appreciated by customers, can be listed some factors such as time Uptime 99.9% greengeeks is committed to this and helps your customers always have access to the website at all times, in addition greengeeks also has a refund mode within 30 days, along with thousands of free features included in the hosting package. their.


The price of greengeeks is very simple. It only offers one hosting package and you only have one price to compare, shared hosting of greengeek is only 3.96USD / month but you will get more than you expect, The greengeeks started out as offering you a free lifetime domain name that is unique and very valuable only in greengeeks, you will be supported moving the website completely free, followed by free marketing credit. Fees, website builder and templates are completely free. In addition, you are contributing to the protection of the environment by using greengeeks hosting as your money invests in companies trying to keep the planet green.

Reliability and uptime

When it comes to reliability, greengeeks understand what their customers want and greengeeks employees work diligently to ensure their reliability is really good. They can ensure uptime of up to 99.9% Because they use modern technology to store and their data centers are located throughout the United States, the company uses UPS and generators to ensure that your site is always up and running. In case of force majeure, more security is guaranteed 24/7 to keep your website safe and secure.

Control Panel

As well as screaming greengeeks web hosting providers offering customers access to their accounts via Cpanel, Cpanel is the current standard considered to be the best current control panel, Cpanel offers to its users. Using a fairly intuitive interface to easily change hosting, email or domain accounts, most people agree that Cpanel has a rich feature set so you can manage everything in one place.

Customer support

When it comes to individual customer support in well-trained customer support, all working in North American centers, you will not need to meet the representatives of the greengeeks outside of the service. Support is available 24/7/365 via chat or email, if you want someone to support you over the phone, no matter what phone support is available throughout the week, including weekends. There are other resources such as FAQs and the entire guide can help you learn for yourself.


Greengeeks is one of the few web hosting providers that use environmentally friendly wind technology along with professional, affordable, and other powerful networking features that deserve to be included in the top 10 best web hosting, And prestige for us to buy trial


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