Why should you still trust Godaddy for July 2017

You will easily notice the time of 2013 – 2014, A lot of opinions are that Godaddy  Company should not be trust. And they have some bad reviews from their customers. Why is that? For the following reasons of their customers:


  1. Godaddy has a poor support system: The tech section gives incorrect information to handle (1).
  2. Godaddy is too expensive (2).
  3. Goddady hard to use (3).
  4. Goddady has a slow hosting system (4)
  5. Less control function (5).

Looking at these 5 factors, everyone must be tempted, and such comments are less objective. The following specific figures will give you an overview of Goddady’s current service.

Fisrt, Godaddy has invested a lot to improve customer support. They have done quite well and flexibly handle the requests from customers. Typically the wrong registration between wordpress hosting and web builder, just a few chatting is “satisfied soldiers” right. A + point for Goddady.

(2). Can compare to see how the price in Godaddy:

(3). With Unlimited hosting only ~ $8 per year. When you are logged in as an administrator, with Page Builder you can choose to edit the current page. It is too intuitive, easy to manipulate and choose according to their needs. Even those who do not know little about code. Add another + point to Goddady.

(4). If you have used Hostgator , There is a very annoying problem; Hosting will be locked when your hosting package occupies about 25% CPU Load. But in fact, just 5% CPU Load is only a cracked site and not need to 25%.

So how about Godaddy? In fact, your website can run smoothly if the CPU load increases by about 7%. Can you try to increase this further by sending them a warning mail or a host lock? With the latest server technology (4GH) today, this has not happened.

(5). About the control function:

Install popular source code: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SMF … with just one click.
Just one click you can verify website to Google Webmasters account.
Create sitemap for website without plugin or other tools.
Quickly integrate Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
Uptine good.
Good wordpress support: Install plugins and themes through a simple control panel, without having to enter an FTP account.

(6) Godaddy usually open Godaddy Promo codes to help their customer save money when purchase a new packages on Godaddy offical website.

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