Review of GoDaddy Hosting – Host $ 1.99 for July 2017

In this March, the domain name registrar Godaddy has once again stimulated their hosting services (slightly less users) by reducing the price of Economy package to $1/month.

That means that when you register for a year you just lost $ 12, not only cheap but Godaddy will also give you a free domain if you register for 12 months or more, it is great not true.

Also because of this great so during this promotion there are many you want to register for the opportunity to buy an international hosting for the lowest price, but cheap is one thing, buy it or not use it again. Go another story So in this article I will say briefly to feel and evaluate his hosting to Godaddy. Let read: Review of GoDaddy Hosting – Host $1.99

Video tutorial at Godaddy

If you have not figured out how to use hosting at Godaddy, then this video is what you need to see. Here is a video introducing the functions in the hosting panel of Godaddy and how to install WordPress that he made.

Advantages of hosting at Godaddy

Powerful server

If you use Hostgator or Justhost, there is a very annoying problem that hosting will be locked when your hosting package occupies about 25% of the CPU load. But in fact, only 5% CPU Load is the only site you can not run offline, let alone say 25%, which is the main disadvantage of the “Unlimited” ocean hosting service today.

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But with Godaddy is a bit different, your website can run smoothly if the CPU load increase to about 7% and in fact you have a friend who is deliberately make CPU Load jump up to 30% try to see Godaddy send mail Or lock the host, but this did not happen because Godaddy is currently using the latest server technology (4GH). But because they do not announce or lock the site so we have another problem that worries more, if on a server with multiple hosting packages run more than 30% CPU load like that, How is it Are there many influences? I think yes.

Cheap Pricing

If you look at the usual hosting price at Godaddy, you will see the lowest package is $ 5.99 / mo. And the highest is $ 14.99 / mo, so it is not cheaper than other vendors at all. But if you use the domain at Godaddy will realize that Godaddy continually issue coupons, almost every month and the hosting packages always have promotions.

Good WordPress support

Let me shorten the my ideas as follows:

  • Install WordPress with one click.
  • Install the plugin and theme through the control panel well, no need to enter FTP account.
  • Automatically CHMOD files under proper permissions.
  • Manually create files, configure files when installing plugins that need to do this (WP Super Cache, Google XML Sitemap, W3 Total Cache ….)
  • Works well with plugins that require Ioncube Loader and Zend Optimize.

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