Guide to buy Cheap Hosting at Godaddy for July 2017

Godaddy is a well-known domain hosting provider, with a mid-range server system, but relatively cheap compared to other vendors, with good support for WordPress, With so many built-in tools available, this provider has attracted quite a large number of customers.

Godaddy offical website

In this guide, I will show you to buy the cheapest package hosting Godaddy ($12/ year for just $ 1 per month). You will get :

  • 1 WordPress hosting (basic type)
  • 1 free domain name attached
  • 1 year Microsoft Office 365 service

First, click the button below to receive the coupon and visit Godaddy Hosting Page: cjcwph1

If you want to use the higher shared hosting packages to have more features and add unlimited domains then the link below to get 30% discount on the first order: Get 40% off from Godaddy

Continue with the $ 1/month hosting package guide, go to the link and select the Economy package:

Basic hosting Godaddy

Basic hosting Godaddy

After adding a Economy package to your shopping cart, Godaddy tells you what additional services you do not have to TICK and just press NEXT.
To add the domain, you can select a free domain, find the desired domain name click Select and continue:

type domain name

You adjust the usage time down to 12 months and can see the updated price is $12/yr . You continue to hit the switch to checkout:

You will be transferred through the payment information, you will fill information, I will note some items can cause you difficulties:

  • All information must be unsigned
  • The username below the email address is the username (Godaddy login)
  • Zip Code
  • The PIN is any four digit number, but can not be 4 consecutive or 4 similar numbers.
  • If payment by VISA card, card number, card name or card expiration date is printed on your card, the security code is 3 digits after the card (extra white)

After fill all information into the form, you must accept with Godaddy terms.

If you use VISA, payment will be completed immediately, using Paypal login to Paypal to pay.





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