How to choose the most reasonable domain name for your websites? for July 2017

Rule 1: Choose a short domain is the best?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to register a domain name because most of them are registered, but the top domain consultants in the world as well as us always recommend you choose the shortest possible domain name. Domain names are easy to remember, easy to type address … Ex:,, ..

Kết quả hình ảnh cho choose domain name

Rule 2: Create easy-to-remember domain names

To select a domain name that at the beginning of the reading, people can remember that the selection process is very difficult selection, so when choosing to prioritize choose a name so close to foreigners easy to pronounce, easy. In addition, funny domain names are easy to remember (, …), so it’s easy to remember when reading through the phone or talking face-to-face ( …). All domain names have a common purpose that people always remember.

Rule 3: The domain name is not confusing

If you want to build yourself a strong brand name website, do not use the domain name near the existing or similar domain to avoid spreading the same domain name when the same domain name which is the brand was registered.

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Rule 4: Avoid domain names that are misspelled

It is very easy to misspell a domain if it is too long or complicated. If your domain name is long or troublesome, you will lose many customers. Even more dangerous is the fact that the competitors themselves or some exploiters to take customers to their website.

Rule 5: The domain name must reflect the activity of the business

This is very difficult but very clear and obvious. If you can not find the exact domain name for your business, do not give up. Try to find a name that speaks the function, main job, or description of the uniqueness of your business. If your main activity is fashion and specializing in average age and above, the appropriate name will be You may also consider using domain names ending in .BIZ, .INFO if you do not find the .COM, .NET, .ORG suffixes.

Rule 6: Choose a domain name that matches your audience

For any domain name, the main objective is the customer. It can be divided into three main customer groups:

Outbound customers: This is a group of customers who are familiar with the international domain name (.com, .net, .org …) so when choosing we should find a domain name with international tail.
Customers only in the country: With this group, many experts recommend using the country domain name (.vn, .uk …).
Customers both at home and abroad: Depending on the characteristics of your company operating in the field that we have the appropriate choice.As the only area in the country (furniture, craft villages). Consider the country domain name.As with the general operation in the world, we should choose the international domain name.

* NOTE: It is true that we can use the sign (-) to create the domain name, but according to the survey, we should not use it because it affects quite the big 5 rules except the case of short or pole domain name. easy to remember.

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