How to choose a good Domain Name for July 2017

Selecting the domain as well as choosing the name of the company – it requires you to think and consider carefully. Your domain name will be so people can find you on the Internet. Make sure your domain matches the business, easy to find and promote.

Choose domain

The following steps will help you choose a good domain for your websites and blogs:

Choose easy-to-write domain

Finding a domain name easy to write is one of the first domain names you should be aware of. If your domain is difficult to write with many of the same characters, it will be difficult for customers to accurately write your website name.

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Keep your domain name short if possible

If your domain is too long and complex. Your customers may not be able to miss a word when typing in the search box. And you’ve lost a customer. Remember, short and simple is the best way.

Use Keywords

Try to use keywords to describe the products and services your company offers. For example, if you are a hosting provider then may be a good idea. Or is a good idea if you are looking for a job.

This also helps you improve your ranking on google and make it easier for your customers to remember

Focus on the business area

If you are a local business, consider putting the name of the city or area of ​​your business into the domain so customers in that area can find and impress more about your domain. For example:,

Avoid numbers and hyphens

Numbers and hyphens often cause mistakes when customers hear about your website. Will your domain be numbered (5) or literally (year)? If you really need numbers and hyphens, register different variations to be safe.

Choose impressive and memorable domain

There are millions of domain names outside. Therefore, owning an impressive and memorable domain name is essential. When choosing a good domain name, let your friends and family know whether the domain name is really impressive and easy to remember.

Check your domain name

Make sure your domain name does not violate any copyright issues or is used by another company. Piracy can bring you a lot of legal trouble and cost you a lot of money. Please consider carefully.

Tip: Visit the domain check information page to check the domain information that you need to register.

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